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Engagement Chat-secure customer chat

When we started experimenting with how to improve research engagement, we looked around for tools to make that job easier.

In the end, the closest we found were designed by researchers with lots of features, but none of them specifically around engagement.

That started us on a journey, leading to develop our own online platform. 

The goal was to develop a place where fans could gather to chat about the brand in a controlled, safe environment. It had to be easy to use, but more importantly fun for everyone.

Can’t tell you how exciting it was to watch the first group in action. And to read the unsolicited comments about how much they enjoyed it.

And we still get excited! It’s our dream realised where fans actually rave about their research experience. With conversations and responses you only normally find in well run, but very expensive insight communities. 

It's time to put your audience first with engaging insights. Schedule your demo now.

Fans Rave about our research experience ... DO YOURS!

If you want quality insights & stronger relationships then let's talk. We love coming up with creative solutions.

Why Social Forum?

We understand the importance of research as an engagement touchpoint, that matches your brand values.

At the same time, the disruptive fragmentation of choices means it's critical to understand the Emotional Drivers of your audience. 

To innovate and stay ahead of your competition.

We've designed The cliizii Method to bring all of these needs together, and then some. 

It's market research as a HIGH-ENERGY FAN EVENT!

Engage4Insights how to use our chat

What are the outcomes?

Reveal the WHY behind the WHAT of  survey stats, so you have a better understanding of what's driving the trends.

Make improvements based on audience feedback, expressed very clearly in the group discussion. People enjoy getting together to help you solve problems!

Use the real-life insights to feed innovation. By making new connections between your product, and how your fans perceive & use it in their everyday life.   

Build and strengthen your relationship with your audience. Because they feel a more valued part of your team, making a tangible difference.

Engage4Insights Chat Marketing tool

How does it work?

Social Forum is NOT just another chat platform.  It's an exciting new way of engaging entertainment fans for insights.

We blend the DNA and topic structure of focus-group functionality, with the buzz of social media. 

Which means live-chat in our group format, reflects their natural, mobile habitat. Creating an instant, community-feel, and rapport with you as the event Host. 

But with the privacy & safety that both you and your fans will trust, for a deeper discussion away from the spotlight.

As humans, we have a basic need to share feelings, and help each other. Which means our fun & friendly group approach will unearth honest insights not usually found in other techniques.

And anytime, even during the Session, you can export transcripts of all conversations for exec-reporting and further analysis.


Amazing client support, user-friendly software

Friendly layout, good graphics, easy to navigate for users. No login required for users which I believe enhances their experience (not having to create a username and password, allowing them to start interacting within seconds).

Unbelievably efficient client support - we had a report in our inbox within 12 hours of the first session, and the company was on-hand during first session to manage any issues.

Kate Harkness Operations Manager - Adelaide Strikers

True Answers

I love the hands-on nature of this software, and the true answers we get from the listeners.

Hiding behind a keyboard seems to get more honest feedback than a room full of people where one or two generally set the tone of everyone else.

Ross Flahive NZ Content Director - NZME New Zealand

Human Conversation with Customers

I got the chance to watch my clients have human conversations again with customers - rather than just read the data from a survey. Amazing what you find out when you actually chat with people rather than just ask them to tick boxes.

Wade Kingsley Founder - The Ideas Business

Open discussion and direct feedback

An easy tool to use for both internal and external marketing purposes, it creates a platform for open discussion and direct feedback. The Summary Report is a useful collation of the results of each session.

Claire Achilles Office Manager & Marketing Manager

Easy, stress free chat with my past guests

I picked the topics for discussion and got honest opinions from past clients. Instead of me telling the decision makers what was needed for the future growth of the business, I can now pass on direct opinions from the clients to those who control the capital spending. It puts the top brass, who never see the clients, in touch with those who buy their product and enables me to validate the input I'm giving the PTB's. I'll keep using this program to make my management that much easier.


Such a great concept

I was on last night watching in real time. Such a great concept and so easy to navigate. Lots of useful stuff in there.

Mike McClung NZME Chief Content Officer - Music Brands, New Zealand