Online Discussion

When I started experimenting with how to improve research engagement, I looked around for tools to make that job easier.

In the end, the closest I found were designed by researchers with lots of features, but none of them specifically around engagement.

That started me on a journey, leading me to develop my own online platform. 

What I wanted was a place where fans could gather to chat about the brand in a controlled, safe environment. It had to be easy to use, but more importantly fun for everyone.

I can’t tell you how exciting it was to watch the first group in action. And to read the unsolicited comments about how much they enjoyed it.

And I still get excited! It’s my dream realised where fans actually rave about their research experience. With conversations and responses you only normally find in well run, but very expensive insight communities. 

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Fans Rave about our research experience ... DO YOURS!

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