Your Seven-Step ‘Innovate to Win Program’ 

Do you want to Win in Business? 

We all do - it’s what drives us.

You’re already a successful business, but you have to stay there. Being relevant and not a disruption statistic, is the long-term goal.

Customers are constantly exposed to new and different things. So what’s cool one day might be ‘meh’ the next. 

The only way to keep in-touch with what’s next in your customers’ needs is to ask them. 

Wow that was easy!

Innovate to Win Program

And yes, it is. But you need to commit to doing it regularly, and this where most businesses come unstuck.

They get excited about the one-off event. Then day-to-day issues get in the way, and before you know it, a year has slipped by, along with some of your customers.  Or worse still, a new competitor finds a hole you’re not filling.

So now you’re behind the game, and always playing catch-up.

To keep being the winner, you need to engage your customers, and gain a deeper understanding into their emotional drivers of using your products/services.  Only then, can you develop relevant ideas based on those drivers, and not just pluck them out of thin air.

It’s why we’ve developed the Innovate to Win Program

Innovation doesn’t have to be a major disruption - it can be part of an evolutionary scale-up. Engaging your customers and team in a way that adds value to them, as well as the business.

Although the program takes you along a steady path of innovation, this is not a one-size-fits-all. Every business is different, so we use this as a starting-point and customise the right Innovate to Win Program for your needs.

Step 1

Deep-Dive Diagnostic

  • Review your current position / SWOT / marketing /research.
  • Identify any relevant industry research.

Step 2

Customise Innovate to Win Program

  • Specific to your needs, based on the Deep-Dive Diagnostic.
  • Selecting the right tools for the task.

Step 3

Build Your 'VIP Community'

  • Identify the key influencers in your customer database and/or social media followers.
  • Recruit them into the Influencer-Community, via our short, targeted Engagement-Survey of your database and/or social media.
  • These people are not only your core target, but they also love to share their opinions, and are thoughtful in their responses.
  • They may also have their own large following, which extends the reach of their experience with the Innovate To Win Program.

Step 4

Discussion Group

  • Invite your new Influencer-Community to a discussion-group.
  • Using our own fun & friendly, online chat room.
  • This is specifically used to learn more about their lifestyle and attitudes as they relate to your product/service.
  • The more we know about what floats their boat, the easier it is to fulfil their needs and create new features to keep them coming back.
  • We’ll provide everything your team needs to make this happen, including our Engagement-Templates for invitations and share-back.

Step 5

Insights Report

  • You‘ll receive a detailed written report, including a full debrief on the opportunities for improvements and innovation.
  • Including correlation between any available industry research and your new insights.

Step 6

Turn Insights Into Innovation

  • We’ll show you how to turn all the customer insights into actionable innovation.
  • Your team can then start generating new ideas for the business.

Step 7

Launch Monthly Community Forum

Innovation isn’t just a one-off process. It should be part of your business culture.

  • Now that all the hard work is done, it’s easier to make this part of your monthly calendar.
  • You can run short, open team meetings to identify issues you want to explore.
  • Which you then take to an Influencer-Community Forum for their feedback, and new insights into their ever-changing world.
  • The team comes back afterwards, to action new opportunities unearthed in the forum.

This technique is used by celebrities like Rihanna and Taylor Swift, so you’re in good company.