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Over the years I've learnt a lot based on working with media & entertainment, that today, can apply to any business.

In these videos I share ideas to stimulate you into creating more engaging research.

Enjoy,  Eriks ​😊

Market research should be fun & engaging,

I talk about the type of relationship you need, to gather quality, actionable insights.

Treat your fans like they're your family & friends, and you'll create Raving Fans, ready to spread the word!

Picture this ...

You've just finished serving a customer.

And top of mind for YOU, is their feedback.

But what's on THEIR mind? Is it the right time to hit them up?
In this video, I talk about alternatives 🙂

What's the first thing that happens when you have a problem?

You have a meeting!

But who's missing?

Find out in my video.                                                                                                                       

Say Thank you!

Having a end screen that says thanks, it's personal!

In this short video, I give an example of how you can personalise the thank you, and include 'share-back'.

It tells the inside story of the value of their contribution. And a different way of building that deeper connection with customers.

Customer Emotions

Do you know how your customers are feeling right now?

Tapping into their emotions can give you powerful insights, that will drive your marketing message.

It might even give you an idea!

Listen closely when you talk to your audience. How does their life connect to your brand?

When you have a deeper understanding, you'll unearth ideas that can lead to new innovation. In this video I share tips on how to do that.

This would usually be a CX topic - but market research done well, with more empathy, can achieve the same positive outcome.

In this video, I share a recent experience that could have been turned round. Just by changing a few words.                                       

Is it on Customers or Competitors?

Most of us are in crowded categories, with great pressure to always better a competitor's offering.

Having a Customer Focus, listening to them and providing only what they need, will give your competitors more headaches than a wasteful Features War.                                      

Business Can Learn From Media

What can we learn about customer engagement from media brands?

And why does it matter?

The quality of research insights you use in decision-making, depends on the level of engagement you have with your 'audience'.


Insights vs. Facts

So what is the definition of Insights and how does that relate to your business?

In this video I discuss the difference between the spreadsheet, and getting to the emotional drives of insights. 

Helping you create your next big thing.

It's just being human that we want to share our ideas & opinions.

As marketers you need to tap into those.

In this video I give you some tips on how to do this while making it warm and engaging.  

I'm really concerned about the Customer Experience of surveys inserted
in sales funnels.

In this video, I explore the challenges of using these ... and discuss alternatives.


Inspired marketing

In our cluttered, commoditised world, it's not easy to come up with new and different ways to boost your marketing content.

One of the most underestimated sources of inspiration is market research. In particular, any form of conversation with your audience.

Because its not about stats, its about insights!

Segmenting Your Database

Everyone is different …

But how do you find the right language for your marketing messages to cut through?

In this video I discuss the importance of segmenting your database, and key categories you might use to tag people.


Have a Conversation

You can only understand your audience's motivations, if you have a conversation with them.

I've read countless posts all talking about the importance.

But the options for actually doing it, seem to be limited to hitting them up at the tail-end of the transaction.

Fans Rave about our research experience ... Do Yours?

If you want quality insights & stronger relationships then let's talk. We love coming up with creative solutions.