Introducing Eriks

I’ve always been in the innovation business.

Every day is about producing something fresh & exciting 24/7, to entertain fickle radio audiences. Who can flick you out when they’re bored.

And your sales revenue entirely depends on the ratings scorecard, that tells your clients whether you’re a Hit or a Miss. And I’ve had my share of both.

So you must stay ahead of people’s ever-changing needs, and deliver what’s next.

Involving guesswork, research, tea leaves - or all of the above!

I found early on, that talking to the audience made the most sense.

But the only survey tools available at the time were slow, expensive, and boring for the participants.

And after spending all that money, the information could be out of date.  Which is an innovation-killer, and lower quality because people weren’t engaged. They often rushed through surveys to get rid of you, and collect the incentive.

I also loved moderating focus groups, because of the immediacy, personal connection and people’s views in their own words.  The downsides were the cost, setup-time, and the traditional format that made people feel like lab-rats.

What I really needed, was a fast, engaging, affordable way to capture their ongoing feedback and stories. To feed the insatiable radio beast with fresh content and innovation.

My turning point was helping design a successful new media brand launch.

The project was built on breaking the industry rules.

We tapped into fundamental changes in the audience profile and their needs, ignored by the existing competitors. And implemented a program of innovation in all of Australia’s mainland capital cities.

All achieved with the confidence of using up-to-date, audience insights.

Because today’s bright new idea is tomorrow’s wallpaper, as your competitors react, copy, and raise the ante. And the influences on your listener’s lifestyle, motivations and attention-span are like shifting sands.

From this experience we developed our Innovate to Win Program.

Designed to engage people in ongoing, fun & friendly conversations.

About their life, your product, what they’re thinking & feeling, and how their world is changing.

This is how to stay ahead of the game.

All these stories & insights spark new ideas about how you can capture what your customers need, and how to make their life better. While also building a stronger, longer-lasting relationship.

They say about Us


Clear and concise recommendations

Eriks is tremendous to work with, he has a remarkable ability to distil very complex strategic or tactical challenges into very clear and concise recommendations and actions. It would not be possible for me to endorse him any more highly.

Dan Bradley Director / Content Director

Combination of left and right brain thinking

Eriks is a unique combination of left and right brain thinking. He has the focus and analytical skills to drive any research project, combined with years of programming tier 1 radio stations that allows him to speak the language of today's content creators. I love working with him.

Craig Bruce Craig Bruce Coaching

Great wisdom and professionalism

Nobody in radio or the media in general has a greater understanding and insight into audience behaviour and attitudes than Eriks Celmins. I worked directly with Eriks for a number of years and he advised me with his great wisdom and professionalism. I cannot recommend Eriks highly enough.

Brad March Managing Director

Eriks is a great thinker.

I've had the honour of knowing Eriks for over 20 years and lucky enough to have his wisdom to draw upon professionally for many of those years. Eriks is a great thinker, an excellent strategist, and asks the right questions - of audiences and of you as a 'client'. On a personal level, Eriks is one of the kindest, most empathetic people. A wonderful man to know.

Jason Staveley Head of Music GOLD104.3 & WSFM

Track record of working with winning teams & brands.

He is a world leader in understanding the science of research and audience insights, Eriks has a massive brain and his ability to listen, challenge, and collaborate to set a strategic plan is what sets him apart. His track record of working with winning teams and brands speaks for itself and is now, legendary.

Dean Buchanan Group Director - Entertainment NZME

Stay ahead of your competition

His business really makes sense in this modern world where the distance between management and the customer continues to widen. Only by truly being in direct contact with our consumers will we be able to remain relevant in the modern world. Eriks gives us the opportunity to do exactly that in a meaningful and cost-effective manner.

Morris Shanahan Owner