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Take Control with Innovate To Win ​

Simple ... Practical ... Game-Changer

Future-proof your business with this step-by-step practical guide.

Anyone can follow our path to innovation.

With practical worksheets this resource will blow your mind.

At NZ$19 it's the best investment you'll make on your future!

Simple ... Practical ... Game-Changer

Hi, I'm Eriks Celmins. 
"Anyone can innovate with an open mind to new-possibilities, and an open heart to bring people with you."

Eriks Celmins - Engage4Insights

​Why you need to read this book!

As a business owner/manager you might feel that it’s best to hunker down, stick to what you know, and weather the storm until things return to normal.

But what will the “new normal” really look like? What will be different in your customers’ life and emotional drivers of purchase, that you’ll misread by not staying close to them? And how do you develop new offerings to best meet their changing needs while competitors, even from outside your industry, are circling round to take your customers at a vulnerable time?

Innovate To Win is an easy to follow, methodical process based on strengthening key relationships, and your customer EQ. Essential to making sense of a volatile environment, and bringing people together, especially online, to ensure a brighter future for all.

 Be pro-active and ask, “What if we do ….?” to seize the initiative.

The steps laid out in this eBook are designed to be both thought-provoking and practical. This is not outdated, throwing random ideas at the wall, hoping something sticks.

It’s all about engaging your team AND customers together in a methodical, and enjoyable, Journey of Discovery to change everyone’s life for the better.

Innovate To Win Free eBook

Get your copy of our "Innovate To Win, Your journey of discovery for scalable growth" eBook and start your own journey today.

What People Are Saying About Our Solution

Robin McAdam

​ Common Sense Approach

"​Innovate To Win is an intuitive, common sense approach on how to not only sustain your business but on how to grow it in a rapidly changing world. I’ve been a decision maker in businesses for over 30 years and can honestly say that, by following the simple steps outlined here, you will achieve benefits you may not have believed possible. In this book, Eriks and Judy Celmins give you the tools to break down the most daunting of issues facing you and your business and turn them to your advantage.

You will most certainly gain valuable insights from it on how to capitalise on the ever increasing changes to your industry and in the bigger world around you."

​Robin McAdam
- ​Owner and General Manager, Port Douglas Apartments
Daneesha Spouse

​Simple Way to Produce New Offerings

“​Innovate to Win was a great read for anyone wanting to innovate and drive change in business but not knowing where to start. It was easy to understand and provided great insights into the importance of culture and engagement.

I especially enjoyed reading about the idea generation process, a simple way to produce new offerings or problem solve. "

​Daneesha Spouse
- ​Branch Manager
Bart Mead

​ Challenged My View on Innovation

“​I found this e-book to be a valuable read for me as a people leader, employee & aspiring entrepreneur. The content challenged my view of what innovation looks like, and provided real-world examples and applications to accompany the concepts.

​As someone who occasionally struggles with creative spark, Innovate to Win provided some easy to follow, methodical solutions, which can be applied in my day-to-day operation.

An excellent resource for anyone looking to redefine their process and find that cutting edge for their business or team."

​Bart Mead
- ​Relationship Manager
Jo Kitchen

​Deliver The ‘How-To’ For People’s Businesses

“​​This is a great piece of work, I especially like the customisable content, Topic Builder which will really deliver the ‘how to’ for people’s businesses and goes beyond being a thought provoking read."

​Jo Kitchen
-​ Centre Manager

Let's get started on your Journey of Discovery. 

Take Control!

Future-proof your business with our simple steps to innovation.

Driven by a deep understanding of your customers.

Practical step-by-step guide

  1. 1
    Anyone can follow our path to innovation.  
  2. 2
    This is a detailed, yet concise eBook designed to making your Journey of Discovery a strategic part of your business.
  3. 3
    With practical worksheets resource will blow your mind.
Innovate To Win Free eBook

We live in a world of unprecedented change, where only the most adaptable will survive. It’s not about being big, it’s about being open. Freeing your mind to the opportunities. But without a map, it’s easy to head off into the rough.

This practical guide starts with your first stage of Exploration to build your Insights-Story. Followed by Ideation to create concepts that address the opportunities revealed along the path. And then sense-checking with Validation, before successfully unleashing your innovation.


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