Want to future-proof your business?

Then you need to find ideas, to drive innovations that rock your customers world!

We have years of experience helping businesses stay fresh and ahead of the competition.

That experience has led us to create Innovate To Win.

Innovation doesn’t just happen overnight, like a flash of inspiration.

It’s a Journey of Discovery.

Where you methodically unlock the insights that matter, to future-proof your business.

Innovate to Win Program

The secret is using The Engagement Method™ with both your team & customers, working together at every stage.

Innovate To Win guides you along the path from insights to innovation. 

Through ExplorationIdeation, Validation

“Anyone can innovate. With an open-mind to new possibilities, and an open-heart to bring people with you.” - Eriks Celmins CEO Engage4Insights

Innovate To Win Journey of Discovery

Stage 1


This is about information-gathering. The objective is to ensure that your innovation has an up-to-date foundation of insights into actual customer needs. Together with input from your team at the everyday coal-face of customer experience.

Many businesses rely on a mixture of their accumulated knowledge & experience, assumptions, even simply pure guesswork, to make decisions and improve their offering. But in our fast-moving environment, you may face the significant risk that your information base will be out of date.

What are the core principles behind exploration for innovation?

Above all else, you’re looking for a deep understanding of what’s going on in your customer’s world as the context for using your product or service.

Your product isn’t important to them in itself! Only what it does to achieve an improvement in their life – to fix a problem, relieve a pain, make a change for the better, or realise an aspiration.  

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Stage 2


This is not about coming up with brilliant, world-changing concepts out of nowhere. People will often say “I’m not creative”, which is a myth because this is more about managing idea-generation as a process.

And in this context, it’s grounded in real-world input from both your team and customers, which keeps innovation on-target and relevant. Anyone can innovate – the main thing is to have an open mind and be infinitely curious, focussed and methodical.

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Stage 3


This is about going back to your team and customers for a Sense-Check. But here’s how we’re different. The biggest mistake we see is that most businesses will ask “Would you use the new (X product/feature)?” 

Questions about what people might or might not do in the future never works. They simply don’t know. Yes, you’ll get some data, but it’s not bankable. Business history is littered with case studies of big budgets misspent on asking consumers if they would buy something new – the infamous New Coke, as an example.

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