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Do you have confidence in your current survey results?  Do you feel comfortable making decisions based on that data?

Surveys can be a valuable tool to gather information on your audience. But there's a risk of damaging your brand every time you send one out.

In my Free Training Webinar, you'll step through practical examples with your own Workbook.

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 In this 50 min event, you'll learn how to ...

  • Improve responses and have your audience rave about their experience
  • Make research a positive marketing touchpoint for your business
  • Write questions like a friend, not a data scientist
  • Incentivise creatively  
  • And so much more ...  

You'll usually run a survey because you want to hear from your audience, about what you're doing right or wrong, and how you can improve.

But have you ever wondered how accurate the responses are?

Remember, this survey is very important to you ... but how important is it to your audience?

I’m guessing that when the link arrives they have other distractions on their mind.

So how do you turn that around?

I’ve spent years experimenting with different audiences around the world, using entertainment-based techniques to excite and motivate participants. 

Which has led me to develop The Engagement Method for research.

And now you can tap into my experience. In this workshop-style webinar on making surveys more engaging.

About Eriks Celmins

Eriks Celmins brings a wealth of global experience in researching audiences.

He runs both in-depth quantitative & qualitative research, including his innovative techniques for participant engagement.

Eriks is the creative mind behind The Engagement Method™, helping businesses gather actionable insights and build relationships. And has developed his own, unique, customer-stories platform cliizii.

He is a Full Member of AMSRS (Australian Market & Social Research Society), a musician, and active member of a local Toastmasters International group.

"I'm always open to exploring creative solutions to research challenges. Reach out to me personally if you want to hash out some ideas, or connect with me on LinkedIn".