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Episode 10. Enhance Innovation with the Breath - Angie & Shane Saunders

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The full episode will be released Friday 10th April ... 

Angie & Shane Saunders Breathe Me

Did you know, you already have all the tools you need, to be healthy, happy, creative - all those really valuable parts of life.  You don’t have to buy anything, you can start doing it, right now. 

My guests today Angie & Shane Saunders are founders of Breathe Me. They’re Award Winning Authors, and host their own Podcast The Breathing Edge.

Shane’s experience starts with 13 Years in the Australian Defence Force. Military training at the highest level, SAS, tactical assault, special forces, and military duty in the Middle East. Angie left working in LA with some of Hollywood’s top producers, to start a new life in Australia.

They left their old lives behind to teach people how to use breath, to literally change the way you live.  And I’ve seen this in action myself, so I know it works.

Learning to breathe, if you’re new to doing more than just what comes naturally, might seem a bit crazy. So, I just ask you to have an open mind, and let’s uncover the secrets together.

You can connect with Angie & Shane through their free online training


Or, via their Facebook page and website



Episode 9. Systems give you more space to be creative - David Jenyns

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There are lots of aspects to running a business.  But one I personally feel gets left out of the early stages, are systems.

That’s not taking the creative out, but in fact allows you more room to be creative.

Systems are an integral part of all business … well the ones that are successful!

In this episode Eriks & Judy talk to David Jenyns seasoned entrepreneur, spanning from retail, to founding one of Australia’s most trusted digital agencies, Melbourne SEO & Video. As well as an Amazon bestseller.

And the person behind SystemHub.  An innovative approach to managing systems.

To quote Benjamin Franklin … “Watch the little things; a small leak will sink a great ship”

This to me can be how systems and processes are viewed by many business…it’s a small thing, we’ll get to that later. 

David shares practical tips on implementing your own systems.  You’ll gain valuable insights no matter what size business you operate.

You can find more information about David and his SystemHub at https://www.systemhub.com/  

And his Systemology process at https://www.systemology.com/

Episode 8. Special Event - Covid-19 Creative Think Tank for Business

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Inspiration, hope and ideas for business in Covid-19

We’ve made a commitment to bring ideas and inspiration to you when you need it.  Covid-19 Creative Think Tank is the first in a series delving into the biggest issues facing business today.

This first episode brings together talented business and creative minds from a variety of backgrounds, to hash out the tough issues, and offer fresh, practical ideas.

It will help people open their minds to opportunities, de-stress and see a more hopeful future. A practical inspiring show.

The Think Tank features Wade Kingsley from The Ideas Business, Janice Francisco founder of Bridge Point Effect, Ideas Architect & business coach Geoff McDonald, high performance systems specialist Geoffrey Wade, and Eriks & Judy Celmins founders of Innovate To Win by Engage4Insights.

All hosted by Shayne Brian from Elevate Podcasts.

If you’re managing a business today, you have no choice but to adapt.  And sometimes all it takes is some inspiration, from someone outside your world. 

Episode 7. Reinventing Yourself - Elizabeth Diacos

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Elizabeth Diacos - on the Engage2Innovate Podcast

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Innovation isn’t just about inventing something totally new. It’s often more to do with reinventing, which is Elizabeth Diacos’ specialty.She’s the founder of Larksong Enterprises, and an educator and success coach.

 “I love learning and hold a Graduate Certificate in Organisational Coaching and a Master of Applied Positive Psychology. I help teachers from across the globe to get out of teaching.”

An idea that leads to innovation often comes to us when we are dissatisfied in our current situation, which is where Elizabeth steps in. And even though she specialises in helping teachers, her insightful tips apply to any industry.Here are ways to reach out to Elizabeth and find out more …

The rapidly growing Get out of Teaching group of over 2000 members:


Website: www.larksong.com.au

And soon-to-be-launched “Get out of Teaching” podcast www.larksong.com.au/podcast

Episode 6. The Ideas Architect - Geoff McDonald

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Geoff McDonald-The Ideas Architect

Or the full episode here ...

Is our obsession with KPIs blocking innovation?

They are important, but they only show what happened in your past. They don't predict your future.

Intuitively we know that. But we seem to have this blind spot, which means we can’t move forward unless we have big data to back it.

In this week's podcast we talk to Ideas Architect Geoff McDonald, on how creativity ultimately transforms into innovation.

You can access all things Geoff McDonald via his website https://geoffmcdonald.com/

Episode 5. Redesigning Your Future - with Chris Collingwood

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   Or the full episode here ... 

Chris Collingwood

What do creativity, innovation and NLP have in common?

In this week's episode of the Engage2Innovate podcast, Judy talks to Chris Collingwood. An NLP specialist teaching people how to think in patterns.

The technique at the core of becoming an effective innovator.  It's a fascinating discussion with Chris, on how we think and act. And how that understanding means we can be open to new potential.

Lots of takeaways that will help us all.

He’s the Managing Director of Inspiritive, and you can learn more about Chris by checking out his website inspiritive.com.au

Episode 4. Innovation is a team sport - with Janice Francisco

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Or the full episode here 🙂

Janice Francisco

Do you work within a team?

It can be either frustrating, trying to balance different personalities OR a fun creative adventure.

In this great interview with Janice Francisco from BridgePoint Effect, she shares her insights on how to bring different personalities together.

To improve your meetings for better results.

If you want to make them more productive, creative and stimulating, then the full interview is a must-listen.

If you want more info on what Janice does check out her website https://bridgepointeffect.com/

If you’d like to register for Janice’s upcoming webinar just follow this link

Episode 3. Why do you have to have innovation in your business?

Engage2Innovate Podcast

In this episode Shayne Brian chats to both Eriks & Judy Celmins on innovation and why you need it in your business.  

We talk through the benefits for businesses that choose to embrace a changing world.

Episode 2. Learn the secrets of the Steve Jobs presentation style - with Amanda Meyer

Amanda Meyer from Rewards Drama shares her tips anyone can use when communicating your idea.

Remember an idea isn't innovation unless you get buy-in.  And that takes presentation skills.

Amanda's put together a Special Offer for listeners.

Which is a one hour 1:1 online session, where we can work on your current project or talk through your stumbling blocks.

The session usually costs US$249, but you can get it for 50% off, for listening to this interview today.

If you want to take advantage, book it in on Amanda's website: https://www.rewardsdrama.com/presentation-perfection
and use the coupon code: VIP PPS

Episode 1. Innovation, disruption, or change ... what's right for you?

Engage2Innovate Podcast

When do you need disruption?  Or is change enough? How do we know what's right and what's the best way to find out what the customer wants.

In this candid discussion with Eriks & Judy Celmins with Shayne Brian.

You'll find it thought-provoking.

DevReady Podcast Episode 01 – Judy Celmins

Aerion Technologies have just launched their new DevReady Podcast. Their first interview is with Judy Celmins of Engage4Insights. She shares her story about jumping into the development of her own app. It’s a great story with plenty of interesting takeaways.